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CaterJobs is the Specialist Recruitment Service for Hospitality and Catering Vacancies in Ireland, UK and Malta

Whether you're a candidate or an employer the big, generic job boards have become expensive, clumsy and inefficient.

Get the job or the candidate you're looking for at CaterJobs - Ireland's ,UK and Malta's only specialist hospitality and catering jobs board devoted to matching great companies with the best talent.

Everything the hospitality and catering person needs - all in one place!

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Want 3 great reasons to upload your CV right now onto CaterJobs?

  1. See - and be seen by - all of Ireland's , UK and Malta's best hospitality and catering employers in one place. Get your CV in front of Ireland’s premier hospitality and catering employers and find out what they have to offer.

  2. Some employers find their candidates by scanning uploaded CVs - without ever placing a job ad. If your CV isn’t there then you’re out of the running. Don’t miss out - upload your CV and become a contender.

  3. Our database is growing so fast that some employers advertise only here... So even if you're not actively searching for a new position do yourself a favour and make sure you're visible for that unexpected job offer.

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Want 3 more?

  1. You may not be thinking of changing jobs but.. what if a great employer with the ideal position sees your CV and decides he's interested in talking to you? Would you at least be curious to know what the offer is? That happens when you upload your CV!

  2.  Upload your CV and we’ll send you regular job alerts. Let the vacancies come to you...

  3. What’s hot in your part of the industry? What’s not? Where are the new opportunities? Upload your CV and you’ll soon find out...

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 Welcome to a vastly improved recruitment experience


  • We’ve operated on the front line of the Irish , UK and Malta's  hospitality and catering industry. And one thing we know: recruiting staff in our industry can be either a business opportunity or a business headache.

  • Way too often it’s a business headache. Which means hours spent sifting unsuitable CVs, unmotivated applicants or people who simply had no business applying to your vacancy in the first place.

 It doesn’t have to be like that!


  • A reliable source of experienced, trained staff means recruitment suddenly becomes an opportunity to not only quickly fill vacancies but also to bring fresh talent and new skills into your team.

  •  Good staff take care of your customers, do the job right first time and help your business run like clockwork.


CaterJobs specialises in Hospitality and Catering jobs in Ireland, UK and Malta !

 And that’s all we do.

 Hospitality and Catering jobs. In Ireland, UK and Malta


  • Which means every CV in our database is from a person who works in our industry and lives in our country.

  •  From eager new entrants to experienced professionals... if you want new hospitality or catering talent for your business then we have an excellent selection of candidates to choose from.

 The Personal Touch

And be clear about this: your job vacancy doesn’t just disappear into our database waiting for some computer algorithm to magic up your dream candidate.Your job vacancy is assigned to a real person whose responsibility it is to find people whose training, skills and experience meet the needs you outlined in your job specification. It’s like having an additional HR person - one committed solely to finding you your newest employee.   

This Must Be Expensive

 €149 ex VAT - or less. So, no.



  •  We’ve some very attractive offers that you can look at by clicking here.

  •  If there’s a gap in your team - or if there’s going to be a gap soon - then now’s the time to act on it.

  • Our database has grown to such a degree that for some candidates CaterJob is the only place they register for new positions. Don’t miss out on these hiring opportunities. Click below to upload your Job and we’ll get to work on it straight away!

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